Polarizability and the electric dipole moment of a Rydberg state scale with n7 and n2 causing it to become highly sensitive to electric fields.

Defense and Security Applications

Quantum Receiver

Highly excited, super-sensitive quantum system, called Rydberg atom, has surpassed fundamental limitations of traditional electronics in terms of communication channel capacity, sensitivity, and frequency range with tendency to outperform existing state-of-the-art technology. Our on-developing ultra-mobile and undetectable electric field sensor works at frequency spectrum of 0-100 GHz.

Quantum Tech: The RF field applied fulfill the requirement of electromagnetic induced transparency and hence symmetrically split the transition line into a pair of Autler-Toenes lines separated by the Rabi frequency of the Rydberg-RF interaction, which is proportional to the RF (carrier) electric field strength. Different RF carrier frequencies can be accessed by changing which Rydberg state coupling laser (higher intensity) is tuned to excite.

Direct Societal Impact: Detect AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other mission-critical communication signals.

Collateral Advantages: Rydberg spectrum analyzer, Novel communications, RF signals for geolocation, electronic warfare, spectrum awareness, operation in a complex electro-magnetic battlefield.

Alternative Quantum Technology:

Aided System:

Army builds wideband dc to 20 GHz quantum receiver. (left) the setup to produce Rydberg atom sensor. (right) Rydberg quantum radio receiver. Ref: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/tag/quantum-radio/

Microelectronic Industry Applications

Circuit Board Defect Analysis

Rydberg electric field sensor, the only sensor that is universally identical and broadly sensitive* over the whole operation spectrum. The modernization of the next generation electrometry includes imaging low-frequency thermal radiation.

*Comparing to electro-optic crystals and dipole antenna-coupled passive electronics.

Quantum Tech: Tiny energy shift between two Rydberg states due to electromagnetic radiation enables sensitive measurement. While sweeping the laser field across atomic transitions, highly tunable Rydberg atoms placed above a microwave circuit can detect any malfunction that heats up the sounding. No classical counterpart can do the job over a wide portion of the spectrum being measured.

Direct Societal Impact: Military maintenance unit, characterization of micro-electronics, Identify defected parts prior to system failure, condition monitoring, diagnostics, and optimization of electronic systems.

Collateral Advantages: Industrial liaison.

Alternative Quantum Technology:

Aided System:

For military maintenance unit, Rydberg electric field sensor placed above a microwave circuit can detect any malfunction in similar manner as thermal imaging shown. Ref: https://workswell-thermal-camera.com/pcb-inspection-by-thermal-imaging/