Drone swam, flying drones that exchange data and work as a single co-operative unit, is a threat to nation’s security, economic prosperity, global commerce, and international political stability. All drone lightshow companies capable of performing accurate flying maneuvers know how to turn them into autonomous killing drones. Based on the tactical perch-and-stare for persistent surveillance, launching contact-explosive drones from a high attitude to swarm a city can destroy all human lives at a fraction of the cost of a nuclear bomb while keeping everything else intact. Controlling hundreds of thousands of seek-and-destroy drones can be achieved singlehandedly with a commercially available software. More conceivably, cheap space launch vehicles for commercial drones are available to anyone so drone-swarm tactical terrorism is no longer a question, but when. Within a short time, sophisticated swarm could be seamlessly linked with artillery, missiles, and air strikes; all assets would be unified into a fearsome kill web with drones as eyes and ears on the ground.

Shrinking size and growing power make stealth drones difficult for current sensing technology to simultaneously pinpoint their minute positions. In addition, taking down numerous drones coming from all directions cannot be technically done with shooting net guns, jamming the communication signal (self-positioning), heating using laser guns, tit-for-tat defense using the other drone swarm etc. Our quantum-inspired approach relies on two state-of-the-art technologies, the high-resolution and real-time small-drone detection and the non-nuclear EMP defense using high-power laser. Critical infrastructure stake holders must take actions through public and private engagement, planning, and investment to prioritize the R&D to address this adversarial threat in disguise.

Quantum Tech: To irretrievably deactivate drone in midair, we develop a long-range, all-weather multi-sensory detection system, software-defined multi-directional laser deflector, and mobile ultra-high-power laser. Each drone will be individually traced and pinpoint in space in real time. Laser are deflected into multiple beams accordingly, the EMP is generated precisely at the drones to simultaneously deactivate the control electronic. With all devices inside a small truck, the EMP strike is silent, invisible, and devastative

Direct Societal Impact: Detect and bring down swarming drones.

Collateral Advantages: Destroy an enemy ballistic missile in flight, sink ships without explosives, disperse formations of soldiers, disable an enemy without wounding nearby civilians, permanently deactivate satellites in orbit, devastating fry smart phones in a riot, show drone flying maneuvers, multi-sensory spy drone (optical / thermal camera and acoustic sensors to locate a gunfire), spiderman drone with through-the-wall sensors, drone intelligence.

Alternative Quantum Technology:

Alternative Technology: EMP discharged by a nuclear weapon, radiofrequency (RF) jamming, high-powered microwaves (HPM)

Aided System:

Massive swarm of interconnected drones. Ref:
Epirus ‘s demonstration event in 2021. The high-powered microwave device has disabled all 66 drones sent to swarm around it. Ref:
Pros and cons of selected defense technologies.