Unlike a common compass and satellite navigation systems, a quantum compass is the incorporation of quantum accelerometer and quantum gyroscope that permit solitary navigation in space. Our inertial navigation technology empowered with Kalman Filter that had put human on the Moon would land us on any Moon.

Global and Space Positioning

Ultra-Precision Inertial Navigation

Quantum Tech: A light-pulse-atom-interferometer used is the point-source atom interferometry (PSI) that leverages the thermal spread of the cold atom cloud to map the velocity dependent phase shifts projected onto a detector. Laser-cooled atoms released from a light trap (free fall) gradually expand outward. A three-Raman-pulse sequence realizes single-atom matter-wave Mach-Zehnder interferometers that span all directions in a single operation. The acceleration in line with the Raman-laser beams and the rotation vector in the perpendicular plane are measured simultaneously via spatial fringes in the population distribution. A quantum compass consists of three sets of PSI.

Direct Societal Impact: Stealth aircrafts, satellite unavailability for fully submerged submarines, infrastructure-critical oil tankers, precision space navigation.

Collateral Advantages: Inertial navigation e.g., gyroscopes, and gradiometers.

Alternative Quantum Technology: Guided atom interferometry with atom chips, Ramsey–Borde’ symmetric interferometer (counter-propagating atomic beams), superconducting gyro, helium superfluid gyro, Geant G-Ring laser, NV (Nitrogen vacancy) center, nuclear magnetic resonance atomic spin gyro (NMRG).

Aided System: Pressure meter (depth/height), Magnetic compass (heading), Doppler velocity log (velocity), Underwater transponders (range from known position), GPS (position, velocity, orientation), Kalman Filter (state estimation)

First UK’s transportable and standalone quantum compass at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase. Ref: https://www.i-micronews.com/quantum-compass-could-allow-navigation-without-relying-on-satellites/?cn-reloaded=1