Business Opportunities

LOQ Bloc Co.,Ltd.

LOQ Bloc Co., Ltd. stems from advanced research carried out at the first Center of Excellence in Quantum Technology.   As a business organization facilitated by Chiang Mai University, we strive to keep pace with the Disruptive Technologies that broadly create new business opportunities.

Our products deliver “quantum technology” to propel your business ahead of your competitors by setting strategic direction with innovation management, transforming your business to achieve higher profits, cost-effectiveness, unlimited speed, as well as to stand out as a business leader.

Allow us to take part in propelling your business in any of the following ways

Quantum parts

The quantum parts can be customarily designed into devices, inventions, industrial machinery and equipment, including in experiments for research and education.

Quantum devices and patents

The quantum devices and patents are for business organizations ready to further exploit the devices and patents industrially, for example, marketing, product sales, and after-sale service.