Slide Research Center for Quantum Technology

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About us

We are enthused quantum scientists and engineers who believe that quantum methodology lies at the root of today-technology. Equipped with knowledge and technical expertise in quantum science and engineering, we are ready to tackle complex problems only quantum devices can deliver. We strive to make quantum technology accessible and beneficial to everyone. All interests and collaborations are welcome to be part of our expanding quantum network to explore a wide range of research and development from theoretical to engineering aspects of quantum technology.

Research Focus

Research Focus at Quantum Research Unit, Central Science Laboratory

We focus on exploring perplexing quantum phenomena and harnessing new insight into technologies in order to create leading-edge science. With core quantum technology at heart, we are deeply interested in engaging our research through collaboration with industries and entrepreneurs; that way our research will be put into use in real life.

Currently, we have several cold atom based technologies for sensitive metrology, quantum simulation and computing, and frontier science. We also apply quantum in biomedicine as well as advance solid-state sensors.

These are active laboratories at the Quantum Research Unit


Quantum Atom Optics lab

  • Atom gravimeter
  • Atomic magnetometer
  • Quantum simulation using trapped single atoms
  • Quantum annealing device
  • Digital-quantum integration
  • Quantum navigation

Quantum medicine research lab

  • Silicon nano biophysics
  • Applied laser for medicine
  • Advanced solid-state quantum sensors
  • Covid 19 detection